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Posted by on 2011/08/06 under Uncategorized

Life is full of pain, sadness, anger but it is also filled with happy memories. All this feelings is part of LIFE and it is something we humans need to go through. Understanding and accepting is totally different. Although I understand this but when I am going through all the pain and sorrow is just so hard for me to move on. The worst part in life is that when something happens there is no going back and when there is nothing I can do to change what had happened I feel afraid. When I did something wrong, I can’t accept it sometimes because i know that i can do it right but i still did it wrong. For me in life, the thing i am most disappointed in myself is when i did something wrong which i can actually do it right. It is really hard when you are disappointed in your own abilities and although you regret it there is nothing that can be done to change it. So, i really don’t know what I should do about this feeling of mine. The feeling of regretting what i had done and feeling disappointed in myself.

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