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Posted by on 2011/08/05 under Uncategorized

It’s ironic on this the last day of my job of 10 years that I feel both excitement and sorrow. Excitement to be moving on to another job, but sorrow to be leaving those that I’ve become great friends with.

This last week has been such a buzz – limited time to get things done, the complete chaos that unfolded. Thursday summed it up the best, with 10 active terminals all running processes I was waiting to complete, 5 phone calls dealt within in 4 minutes, and in the midst of shifting production websites being rung by the head of the networking to be told the server in mid migration was currently experiencing a security audit and that it was complaining with a database error and could I fix it.

Ironic as it might seem. I miss this type of pressure.
I’ve not felt the thrill of being under pressure like this in years. It just shows I needed the change.

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