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There is always difficulties in life we face them everyday. But sometimes it becomes too much that we cannot take it anymore, i’m just on the edge of that situation. Have you ever thought to yourself that there is more to like that facebook, instagram and all those social internet sites. When you see your “friends” post up statuses about the society and some girl committing suicide them people saying that she was a good girl and so on, or those stupid statuses where its goes “like my status and… or like this picture like this and that” its sort of pointless and people could see what you do on your spare times. I have many people come up to me and say you should study and come somewhere in life well b**** i’m trying to! 5 times a week i wake up at 7.30 a.m dress up not even eat breakfast and go to school to become something in like and when that isn’t appreciated by the teachers and friends i have it makes me feel crap when i take an effort to actually accomplish my dreams although they might be hard to reach i still try to make it alive through that day with all the power i have.

And you have those who tell you that school is the best thing in life. NO! it isn’t yes it might be laid back and you just listen to a teacher but believe me it was the most straggling years of your life having to wake up for school every weekday then having to listen to teachers that just speak sometimes don’t even understand the concept and you have to act like you do and be stressed for every test you have and pray to god that you pass with a good mark. Nope never happens you always get what u deserve they say its bulls***!

To be honest i don’t know why i wrote this but i need to write something so i had to.

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