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Posted by on 2012/11/10 under Uncategorized

I am talking to this guy. We are not dating he knows how I feel and I know kinda how he feels. Every time I get off the phone with him I want to say I love you but I am scared to. What should I do? Should I say I love you or wait till he tells me? Help me please!

One thought on “Do I say I love you?

  1. Anonymous says:

    Those three little words mean a whole lot. You need to think this over before you say I love you, because it can change a lot of things. Are you positive that this person loves you back? Because maybe they see this as a simple friendship and saying I love you can ruin that. Also, I would say those three words somewhere together not just over the phone. It makes it more romantic. I love you is not something just to say all the time. It is very special and should be said to someone you really want to be with.

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