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I sit here thinking why me. Yes everyone thinks its always them but I know that it is me. I run from love every time. I love to love but scared to at the same time. I have ran from love ever since I first fell in love and now I need to stop because I have meet someone that really cares about me. He is always sweet and I can’t sleep with out him next to me. I have ran from him already and he told me the next day he told me his mind told him not to text but his heart told him he could not wait any longer. I care for him and he knows it we are not dating but just talking. He is out of town working and I miss him like crazy I can’t sleep at night but a little in the day. What do I do some one comment please I care for him but how do I move from just talking to a relationship?

One thought on “Why me?

  1. Anonymous says:

    Talk to him. Tell him how you feel. Love is a scary thing, but is also amazing on so many levels. The best way to become close with someone is to be yourself and admit your feelings. I really want this to turn into love for you. Be brave, and flat out tell him your emotions. It might be nerve wracking… but if he feels the same way, he will love the fact that you are opening your mind and heart to him.

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