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I saw a homeless man today.
Where is this poor mans family?
Did they die?
Did they disown?

I saw a pregnant 13 year old today.
Where was her mom and dad?
Did they die?
Did they disown?

I saw a guy with gun, up to no good.
Why does he feel the need to have a gun?
Where is his support system?
Did they die?
Did they disown?

Never take your family for granite. One day you might just wake up and find that they are all gone, then what will you do? Not eveyone has a family that is supportive or trustworthy, but isnt there someone out there that you can give a chance to be that person for you? Having kids at 13 isnt a life, and you certainly wont be able to provide a life that baby deserves. Becoming homeless, is like second nature now a days. Instead of sitting on the street corner get out and find work, even if it is somewhere you say youd never work. As for the man with the gun, what got you to that point? You got mixed up with the wrong people? You felt you needed a gun so you could rob the poor elderly lady that just got into her car, or the young group of kids thats walking to school and having a good time? How do you know that elderly lady wasnt at the store getting her dying husband his meds so he could be pain free for one more day? Or those children that are just learning to find their way in this world, and now they will be afraid and scared for life because you wanted their 10 bucks they had in lunch money to go buy some drugs, and alcohol? This world is corrupting as we speak. I’ve seen it all, ive seen a man left for dead in my own front yard, I went to school where almost half of the female population in my class was pregnant, i see homeless men, women, and children everyday…NO one deserves that life. Your every choice makes the path to your future. Even if your choice is directed at one specific person, your choices affect a lot more people than you may realize.

The homeles man with no place to go.
He died.
No funneral, and no family there by his side.

That pregnant 13 year old?
Didnt finish highschool,
her family tried to support her, but the life got to hectic.
She left her child at the local fire department,
for the government to provide for.
She is now homeless, with no friends and family left to support her.

That man with the gun,
stole from a drug dealer.
Got 11 bullet holes in his body.
He Lived.
Now he has 15 years in jail to think about what he did.


It’s time to make a change, and start doing things for the good.
It’s time to start really living, and its truely never to late to change.

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