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Posted by on 2012/11/10 under Uncategorized

i’m socially disfunctional. so is my wife. ack. oxymoron. if i’m socially inept, how can i be married. easy. that’s actually the answer. it’s easier to be married than not to be. yeah. that pretty much defines my social disfunction. i have a real hard time with introductions. i cannot initiate a conversation. i’m fully aware of the akward silence to the point that it begins to torture my mind. but i think i’m a nice guy. i think i have good intentions. i don’t think everybody realizes that. perhaps i also have some paranoid personality disorders. i’m pretty sure i’m not normal. but what does that mean anyway? normal. catagorized as within the gauzian bell curve of a given measure. in fact this implies that personality can be measured. i don’t know what units of measure a person’s personality would be plotted as. smiles. frowns. scrunchy faces. a 12 smile score reflects better on a person’s personality level than 2 scrunchy faces. i suppose. but i also digress. i’m socially disfunctional. i’m writting an anonymous “blog” just to spew my feelings upon the world. i don’t think anybody really cares to hear about my feelings. as justifiably i don’t really want to hear about yours either. keep those pesky things to yourself. enough. where does this go now? lets find out.

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