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I have falling for this guy I tried not to but I did. He is sweet, kind, makes me laugh, smile, and he has the most beautiful blue eyes. We started dating and got in a fight because I wanted kids one day. Not now but one day and I tired to leave and he didn’t want me to. I left because I was scared to love some one. He called me and called me then he tells me that he loves me and I am the one he wants to start a family with. Now you would think if he wants to start a family he wants to get married? No. We went are ways I lived with my mom again. One day will I was passing his work I seen cops around his truck and I was freaking out. I waited a little bit and when there they told he was going to jail and he was not there I didn’t know what to do. So I went to his friends and they told me. He got out and then went back in he wanted me to come and see him but I didn’t get the call my mom did and she forgot to tell me so the next time I went and seen him and every visitation after no one else went and seen him or wrote I’m. I finely got his mom to go see him. He loved that we was getting alone and I did to. He told me one day he wants out really bad he misses holding me and kissing me. His mom called me a week later asking me how to get $270 to get him out and I thought and I put my car title up to get him out. He got out the next day and I was out of town babysitting and when I heard I called his mom and asked if I could go there and wait. She said yes and I waited and waited when he got there I ran and jumped on him I missed him so much I started to cry. His mom left to get food to cook and we talked and had sex but I had to go finish babysitting and he told me he was leaving to go to a friends house and that he would call me. Well he didn’t and I was scared. What was messed up the first night he is out he goes sees friends not me I was there for him every minute of the way and I felt like I was being used. When he came back we stayed at his friends house and I asked him about marriage and he told me that he would put a ring on his finger and say he was married but would not get married. I was upset but got over it a little. Then we got in to a fight and I left. He called and called but I was to upset to answer then finely we talked and he wanted to see me. I told him I couldn’t because my car broke down and I wanted to see him too. The day I got to see him was his last because he was going back to jail and I took him in. He called me from the jail house and asked me to come and see him and I told him I couldn’t it hurt to much. He keep calling leaving messages I couldn’t do it. He wrote me and said he wanted to ask me to marry him when he first got out and then before he went back in. He is still in jail but I don’t know what to do I have not wrote him or seen him at all but I have talked to his mom and see how he was doing. What do I do?

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