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Posted by on 2012/11/06 under Uncategorized

you mock me, you yell at me, you tell me it’s all in my head. are you trying to make me feel better or worse? i cut myself for the first time last night, you made me build the courage to. you cry when this happens. but every time you break down crying- the first thing you say is: “i can only imagine what they think of me!”
it’s always about you, and how you look. is it really about me? you think i can just snap my fingers and “snap out of it” like you want me to. “someone has it way worse than you!” are you trying to make me feel better? or worse? its not a phase. i told you i wanted medication, and you think im just going to take some to help myself, but as of now i want it to kill myself. i finally have the courage to. you convinced me that you really dont care. thank you, mom.

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