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Posted by on 2012/10/24 under Uncategorized

This was supposed to be MY junior year, I had amazing friends, I was beginning to open up and not be so shy with everyone. I got to see my amazing boyfriend everyday. Bam, my mother tells me im moving 300 miles away, the highschool that i would be going to is HUGE and from what everyone has said, is a terrible place to go. So I get put into a christian private school with only 5 people including me. Dont get me wrong its a nice school and the other students are fine but I probs wouldnt hang out with them outside of school; so now im stuck with no friends. Its been 5 months living here and I have nobody. It sucks. People keep telling me im overreacting and that i will make friends. Well, I would like to know when! I see my boyfriend every other month which is hard and I miss my bestfriend more than anything. 🙁 How do people make this work?

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