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Posted by on 2012/10/21 under Uncategorized

my boyfriend hits me a lot and i dont tell anyone about it bbut its getting worse.. i dont know what to do. if i brake up with him he’ll hurt another girl.
please help me. what do i do????

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I suggest telling either your parents or a trusted adult. They should be able to help you. Although other girls don’t deserve a boyfriend like that, you don’t either.

  2. retardgirl says:

    stab him and claim self defense. shoot him in the knee cap, claim self defense. i just think its so wrong for a man to hit a woman and its the beginning of so many murders or even worse. abusive parents. what if this guy marries someone or gets them pregnant and beats the kid or beats the wife in front of the kid!? i admire you for putting up just so he doesnt end up with someone else. seriously , get him i trouble with the law though so it doesnt happen again and so he cant come at you for revenge. or maim him for life.

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