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it’s been two weeks . long distance relationships are very hard . i broke up with him after 5 months because i couldnt take not seeing him or being with him … at least thats what i told him . truth is there was another guy i had my eye on . when him and i broke up i went for this other guy . he ended up being a total jerk and we never even dated . this made me realize that all along i loved the long distance guy . to bad he is gone . and he is ignoring me so i cant even tell him how sorry i am and how much i really love him . i blew it .

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  1. Parsa says:

    yeah its your fault ,and i hope he never back to you ,becouse right what you did to him ,my ex did to me ,can you belive ?
    but here is smth different between me and ur ex bf , that when u leaved him he leaved you too but i cant leave my ex and i just act badly im fine,and probely she know
    you girls all are like eachother ,when your eyes see another guy ,you will forget about all thoes happy days between u and him and then first trouble or first problem will be reason of leaving him and yay finnaly you can be with another ha ? and i just wish what happened to you happen too all girls are like you and happen to who i loved so much ( sorry for my anger )

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