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I had a meeting with my (cough*very useless*cough) guidance consoler this morning and my mom. I asked her about options for either homeschooling or taking just Pre-Calculus online/through private school/whatever so that I would have more time to learn the material, because math causes me lots of anxiety. She basically gave me no information. She told me all the reasons I should stay in my ULTRA-competitive school and didn’t even want to entertain the notion of me leaving, even if it was just

for a semester. I want to take the rest of my 10th grade credits and then come back in 11th to do the IB Program, but she made that sound impossible. She told me I didn’t have to take Pre-Cal, to take an easier math, so when I asked her about taking P.C. over the summer or at a different school after taking the easier math, she was like “Oh don’t do that.” And my mom will listen to whatever she says. So my mom doesn’t want me to be homeschooled anymore.

The main reason I want to be homeschooled is so I can be less stressed 🙁 When I told my g.c. this, she looked at me like I was an idiot. “You’re going to be stressed in IB.” I KNOW THAT, but I need A BREAK SO BAD :(. I love to learn, but I hate school. It’s getting to the point where I am almost depressed to think about school, and I would really rather die. (But I’m not suicidal). So I’m just going to stick with my schedule now–Algebra 2 now, Pre-Calc next semester, IB next year. And I’ll be so stressed I won’t function and I’ll hate every minute of it and my life will suck, but life isn’t suppose to be enjoyable.

2 thoughts on “Homeschool, NOPE JUST KIDDING!! STRESS SCHOOL!

  1. Anonymous says:

    I think you just basically explained my entire life. I hate school more than anything and math causes me so much anxiety. Like, every time I walk into that class my stomach turns into knots. I have asked so many times for Home school or online schooling but my parents do not understand. I want to cry because I feel like I am failing everything in school. I need a break too. I wish math did not exist.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I had this experience with Chemistry last year. I don’t know what options you have as for alternatives, but something that helped me a lot was getting help from the teacher. Go to tutoring often. I went every day in the morning and after school, but you don’t need to go that often. You could go every other day after school if you want. You’ll build a relationship with your teacher, understand the material better, get your homework done before you get home and the whole experience will be so much less stressful.

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