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I have friends! “Fake friends” that only want me when they need me or talk to me whenever it suits them, “distant friends” ones that will talk to me when they are near by or have the time and “friends” the ones that are there for me whenever i need help but are not willing to ask me to go places or talk to me in my free time. I have alot of “friends” most of them are nice to me! There is one circle of friends at school with the popular ones on the inside gradually going outwards with the unpopular ones at the edge. Im in the middle but closer to the edge! It ALWAYS feels as if the popular ones (also my “friends” are dragging my friends into the middle to join them leaving me there all alone most of the time! I do sometimes go out with them now and again but only if i have the courage to ask “can i come?” Most of the time its a yes. I have been patched about 8 times being outside of school when people run away from me:( the problem is they all say your a lovely person really pretty smart… The popular people take my friends away from me and because its everyones dream to be popular thry go with them and desert me:( i feel horrible…. Do you think they realise what they are doing?

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