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I feel your pain. I strain your smile. We nod and laugh and pass the while. We hold our bodies tight at night and pray the pain will lose the fight. They listen to our desperate words, pretend they know the meaning of. Reduce our tears to such and such, claiming that we think too much. It seems the only one that knows, is the voice inside which always grows. We should be ready to explore, to grow and laugh and live and know.. That we have things, ours to give, We deserve to be, to learn, to give. They never seem to hear the cry, the tortured scream, we wonder -why? They cast their eyes as if to judge, to tell us not to hold that grudge. To pass it off, to pay no heed, they readily ignore our need. We roam across the bleeding night, perpetuating this endless fight. We cast away their soothing tones, believing that we are alone. I feel your pain, I cry your tears.. I lie awake with your same fears. I know not why your heart is sore, but what I know I can be sure… You do not roam the night alone, you have a friend to share the road. Thought you’ll never see my face, and I promise I’m not your saving “grace”. I’m a soul with wounds to show, I sometimes want to let it go.. But I can tell that though we share, these awful thoughts that rip and tear, we also have that light inside that no one else could too provide. You may not feel your worth right now, or see the when, the where, the how.. But someone loves you, needs your will, if not right now, they definitely will. You are you, the only one, don’t feel you cannot overcome this pain and hunger and dark-lit night as in the morning will come the light. Take a more knowing gaze, when light is cast upon your days, happiness needs no soil, it grows from the simplest things of all. You were, you are… And you will be. Just find the start and you’ll be free. Change is all you need to try, the smallest step, it’s you and I 🙂

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