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I am going through my first breakup because my boyfriend turned out to be a jerk.Every relationship in this universe starts with a special connection.Yes i had it too but my ex, he seems to be having it with every girl he sees.Its like he is an epidemic and cannot control infecting girls.The worst probably were his lies .He would look at me straight in the eye and say all the other girls fade away when i am around. I was foolish enough to believe him.I was naive and he had me in a trance.It hurts bloody so much because there might be thousand other girls like me.How can anyone go through this hell?.I would rather if the pain was physical.More than all the disappointments ,my ignorance hurts me the most.Its an important lesson in my life and i swear I will never forget it.I doubt if I will ever get over it.

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  1. anonymous says:

    I am going through something similar, my boyfriend says he’s at work and gets home late, because of his job supposedly, and I seen his conversations on facebook with other girls, he is such a yerk and I’m an idiot for believing all of his crap and the worst is that he took my virginity now I feel like crap and I just want to die T_T I just can’t stop crying it is the worst feeling in the world just to think about all of the things he did with those girls like seriously I really hate it I hate myself so much I wish I hadn’t born you know, but I guess this feeling will fade away someday cause yours was less painful, and he was your first, so someday he’ll regret what he has done to you just like my bf will too once I break up with him of course and someday

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