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my teacher is so hot….old but hot!i am way to young for him.he could be my dad.he is everything to me …kind,caring,supportive,genorous,honest,funny,and really sweet.yesruday he caught me satring at him and he asked me who i was making googly eyes at.only one friend know and when i said that we both started the most of the class he spent in the back of the room .i was so embaressed.after class he said ur not in trouble or anything but whats so funny.i almost cried…of course i didnt tell him but is it right to like ur teacher?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Yeah it’s ok. Just don’t tell him because it will be embarrassing or will bring out the molester in him which isn’t cool.
    I thought a couple of my teachers were hot though. My math teacher senior year omg, so sexy and funny and only 7 years older than me. He adored me even though I would sleep a lot and did no homework and got crap test grades I magically got a B+. A few years After I graduated I saw this guy looking at me at happy hour and realized it was him, so I waved and he came over, got me a drink and sat with me for almost an hour before his girlfriend came over (who he hadn’t mentioned the entire time). He was like “this is one of my old students.” She gave me the dirtiest look and said “I’m going to the car.” He was just like “ok” totally didn’t care she was mad and chatted with me for another half hour before she called him and I heard her scream “ARE YOU COMING?” So he had to go, but he gave me a really tight hug, kissed me on the cheek and told me I looked amazing and he hoped to see me again someday. Omg it was like a dream come true with the exception of the dumb b**** in the car. We had so much in common, it made him even hotter!

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