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Do you eveer feel like life smacks u in the face sometimes?Do u ever feel like u cant get up like life just keeps knocking you down….. check this out….my step mom who is suppose to be their for me stole my money,this knocked me down, i tried to get back up and she told my grandmother that i said all she does is sit on her ass all day and yell at my sister.Total lie ,i just feel like life just keeps on knocking me down and sooner or later i am just going to give up….dont know what im going to do but i am going to loose control…..

One thought on “SMACK!!!!!!

  1. Anonymous says:

    I’m sorry about your what your step mom did.. But everybody get’s knocked down in life, and it really is hard to get back up when it keeps happening. But keep fighting, it’ll be worth it!

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