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Basicly i think everyone is against me that any moment now my friends will be like we dont like you leave us alone and i will be alone forever. I feel like everyone secretly hates me and that everyone is using me and pretending. I know i am a bit of a stand ofish person, i hate people and im anti social, i dislike social situations and hate talking about my feelings to people.
Everyone always says trust me you can tell me, but i cant i just cant. When im feeling something and my friends get annoyed because i wont open up i blurt out some lie andvt just keeps flowing until ive made up some massive story. Eventually i get found out and make u abother story to save mme and it just keeps going….

Ive built up walls prtecting me from telling anyone secrets oir the truth, ive made the mistake of telling people the truth and they betrayed me and ruined my life. i dont know how to break this wall and i dont know if i even want to. It feels safer inside these walls. Im scared of whats behind them more than what ive created inside them.]
i just need advice everyone gets pissed when i lie and dont tell the truth but i dont like telling people my life story it gives them the advantage to hurt me and oonce ive told them i will be forever in there cage bacause they can control me
pleaase help i couldnt even tell my counsellor half the stuff because of this issue

One thought on “I have a fear of trust

  1. Anonymous says:

    I think it’s selfish to ask yourself, “What will they think of me?” because really, the only person you can control is yourself. It really does not matter if these friends move on and leave you because that just shows you that they were not good friends. As for you…. just be nice. You don’t need to tell anyone your “life story” and you don’t need to lie either. People just don’t advantage of nice people. And if they do… ignore it because you are better than that. Good luck. .xx

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