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I met him in 7th grade he never really got my attention he was nice and chill but i didnt like him until 8th grade came. we had 7th period together and he used to blow me kisses across the class room and smile at me and wink to,i thought it was wierd and i was like eww and then he sat behind me and he played withmy hair all the time and shake my desk he annoyed me but he made me smile all the time, then his schedule got changed and he wasnt with me and i was sad. then this after school program started and i joined to play soccer and basketball and he loved basketball and we always with each other and talk and i just started having these feelings for him and i tried getting his attention everyday and look pretty for him, it was alot of work but he liked me to and he finally asked me out on 3.13.12 and we started dating and it was great he said he loved me on the second day and i was like okay? then he broke up with me before it was 2 months and then he wanted me back and i gave him another chance and then we were great and got promoted together in 8th grade and we were about to start high school soon and we would go on dates or kickbacks to see each other in though 2 months but then his friend kissed me and i was shocked and didnt tell him 3 days later and he was angry and mad at me and he didnt know if he wanted to stay with me but i tried to fix him and i eventually did we were still together but he was hurt and then we started high school in august and everything was perfect and great cuase i spend time with my babe but he got really jealous and over protected and he changed and became someone i didnt fell in love with.He got back at me 2 months later when watever happen was in the past he was grinding with another girl and she was my friend well at least i thought but it was both of them he told her he wasnt with me and i found out by another person and i confronted him about it and he lied to my face he lied and i walked away angry cause i know the truth and i was hurt i knew he did it for pay back and then we broke up and he got a new girlfriend that same day. he even hurt me more like i didnt do anything you did, i couldnt forgive him, i hated him soo much, he didnt deserve me, but he still stayed with me through the whole kissing thing so me and him ended up goin back out and i was always sad everyday the only person who made me happy was my bestfriend and my friends. He just made me feel like s*** and i told him i didnt love him anymore, that i just liked him and he said he stilled loved me. Then everything went really down hill my mother didnt want me to be with him so i pretend i broke up with him and i told my bestfriend i was single becuase he close to my family but in reality me and him are on a break and i hate being away from him. My mom said he was a distraction when im with him. i told my mom i did what you wanted and your not satisfied and she just laugh and said i could only be friends with him. how can i do that we have feeling for each other and now that were not together 24/7 i miss him alot, i actually miss everything…i wish i was in 8th grade again and relive it cuase we always had tme for each other but now were not even allow to be happy together..but i dont want him moving on cuase ill be mad and i cant losse him completly.. il figure out a way to make my mother think he a great guy for me.

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  1. Babie Shortye says:

    i knew how you feel . i kinda of have the same problem now !

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