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Posted by on 2012/10/05 under Uncategorized

Life is getting repetitive for me. Life is boring. I’m boring. People think I’m boring. Even my ‘best friend’ left me. She’s just distancing herself away from me. I don’t even know what I did wrong. People think I’m lame, awkward, a nerd. I’m just shy and insecure. I feel like pursuing a music career BUT I’m not talented enough nor pretty neither do I have the self-confidence. I just want to impress everybody, showing them that I’m more capable and talented than what they think I am now. Everyday I just go to school, talk to some friends, get tired then go home. Same f***ing thing everyday. I’ll probably feel happy once in a while but then I see my ‘best friend’s face and all that happiness goes away. She’s the person I told all my secrets and feelings to but now she just treats me like an acquaintance; a person you just say hi or wave at and that’s it. Nothing more. Ugh I digress I know. If I write more this’ll probably become an autobiography or something

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