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Posted by on 2012/10/05 under Uncategorized

i really don’t think he gets it. i like him and only him. he’s the one that makes me smile, he’s the one i can rely on, he’s the one that makes my heart skip a beat, he’s the one i can actually pretend to be something i’m not around people. i have given him every sign that i like him but he just doesn’t get it. here he is blaming me for liking someone else when i like him. every time i fall for a guy my hearts always ends up broken. i miss our happy phone calls at night. but tonight everything changed. you assumed something else, and you thought wrong!! i like you, i want you. why can’t you realize this?

One thought on “love sucks.

  1. aerianna says:

    love does some time suck but you will know who is the right one when you find him aerianna out

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