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Posted by on 2012/10/02 under Uncategorized

Made a huge mistake. Got a new job, under a lot of pressure, have way too big of a target and I succumbed to it. I put money instead of integrity first. Tried to pull a fast one and got caught. Now maybe I can’t even sell much to them. I’m very sorry and I’ve always
Put them first but the one time and as my mom says it always comes out in the wash. One-I’m pissed about being treated differently than everyone else in my group-given an unusually large target based on fallacy, not truths. Two, I take responsibilty for my greed. I can say I was driven to it but at the end of the day, it’s my fault. Now, I need to move on and recover. Hope the target can shift a little. Hope the group I wronged forgives a little. I have to do better. I have to learn, move on and rebuild from there.

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