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Why do we fight? We do we take the little time we have in our lives to fight? Fighting is not love. But it can be found by two people in love. God knows why we fight. I just wonder. I guess if we didn’t fight we’d never get through so much. We’d never have the space away from each other, and we would just get boring. Some people say the makeup is the best part of fighting. Because even after everything that has happened in the fight, you guys still find your way back to each other. Nobody likes to fight. Nobody likes the hurting of mean things said in fighting. But I guess it’s just part of life. And now I know why people drink so much.. See I just wish the fighting would be quick. Like the fighting wouldn’t last long at all and we could just go back to loving again. But sometimes that’s not the case. Married couples for instance. I’ve seen some fight so much, I wonder where the spark called love went. I grew up thinking that marriage is easy. But now that I’m older, I see marriage it one of the toughest things to do on this planet. Think about it, you’re with someone for your WHOLE life. Meanwhile you live in this world filled with naked woman everywhere you look, and all types of temptations. Life is just not fair. Like I wish there was a world for married couples and a separate for singles. No, now that I think of it that sounds stupid. These are just my thoughts written down on a piece of paper. My feelings, my mood, and my life. I don’t care if anyone reads this or not. This is just how I vent, how I cool down, what I do after a fight.

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