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I don’t know what to do. I fell in love with a boy at sixteen years old, and I gave him everything. A year of my life, my virginity, and my heart. All of it. But he got bored, and found a new girl. Turns out he cheated on me with her. After we broke up, he told me he still loved me and that we’d be together again later on. As he was telling me this, he was telling the new girl how glad he was that he left me and how annoying I was.. what I’m trying to figure out is how someone moves on so fast. I feel sad, pathetic, and lost. I regret losing my virginity to him. I’m too young. I feel like he abused what I gave him. I wish I could take it back. I love him and hate him at the same time. And I can’t get over him..I don’t know how..

4 thoughts on “advice for a broken heart..

  1. Natalia says:

    All I Can Say Is Try To Move On And Forget The Past No Matter How Painful It Is…Find Better Guys…Try New Things. Get Him Off Your Mind.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Find a hobby that suits you become a new you and FORGET him

  3. Anthony says:

    Hello… I read your post and was touched deeply. First off I just want to say sorry. You are young, and you shouldn’t have to deal with heart breaks… Guys take advantage of girls nowadays and it’s not right. A friend of mine is going through a bad relationship. It’s taken him a year to get over this one girl. Even when he thought he was moving on for good, becoming his ol’ self an old spark was lit. He knew that God was testing him and he knew he had to be strong and to move on. If your looking to recover, you have be able to move on. I’m not saying go look for another source of love because he’s not the only jerk out there. What i’m saying is you need to find something you love to replace him whether it’s a hobby, or good friends. If your looking for a good guy… Search carefully. I know a bunch of “good” guys who treat girls right and know what’s right. They are out there. 🙂 Also you should try praying. If your not religious, try meditation. It’s time to escape from this world and enter your mind. A time to just think about everything.. and even let stuff go. I know I ball here and there. I had my hard break ups as well and a big help is having good friends and even family as support. Be strong! Your family loves you, your family loves you, God loves you, and hey I love you and I don’t even know you!

  4. Lanna says:

    For you to love a person even after they’ve dragged you threw the mud should already show you, your better than those sad feelings you get. Don’t think for a second though, that you gave him your all. You are young you have yet to grow and blossom into something bigger, better and beautifuller (and that is not even a word) (: A true lover can’t be taken away from you. He wasn’t true and he clearly was not good enough for you because a girl who likes eating leftovers came to scoop your trash. Don’t fret. But you SHOULD cry. Cry that s*** out, yell F*** YOU in the wind. But most importantly…if you ever talk to him again, give him the most horrible nasty sentence you have ever put together even if it doesn’t make sense! Get that s*** off your chest. Live and let go. Its hard but possible. Give it time because whether its good or bad, nothing lasts forever. Goodluck.

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