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Life. We all have it, some take it for granted, others act like it will run out in just a day. No matter which way you turn we as humans see life in our own ways. We are shaped by the experiences life throws at us and the challenges that are all to follow. choices have to be made, for good or for bad. its how we react to the situation which will send us down our own paths. Me as 18 year old male see life to be some what of an odd thing. I think logically but hope for magic and amazing abnormal things to happen. Iv been through a fair share of ups and downs and see myself as an optimist, the best way to deal with something is to laugh it. Learn at least one thing from every bad thing that has happened.
I made a choice recently. One that has gone bad. the choice to take a gap year and not start my career at university until September 2013. A choice made a few months ago by a stubborn young man who made the wrong call by thinking he would be to unmotivated to go this year. A girl came into the picture just as i was finishing my college course and before the summer break, she was the stamp in my mind i was making the right choice by not going as I would have. This girl turned into my first love over the couple of months. Im sure you can remember yours, the sickly sweet love as you see on TV. The end of August was now approaching and this is where my choice went bad.

The story of the girl is a story for another time but it was a typical I loved her…she didn’t love me and left. Heart broken and in bits i try to pick myself up and turn to my friends. friends who are all leaving in just a few weeks for uni… you can see how this is going cant you ? As the hardest couple of weeks came to pass and the healing began i found myself saying goodbye to more and more of my childhood friends and now they are all gone. I am alone in a run down part of the south of England. Only really have 2 friends still here, but 1 is off madly in love as i was with a girl and i hardly see anymore while the other has just started full time work and is ff earning money.

The bad choice became apparent now that i can see on facebook and twitter how much fun everyone else is having at uni while im left alone. I hated myself for weeks but am now seeing the positive. Iv set goals to accomplish by next Septemeber to break my year up and give me things to look forward too. I have my drive back and even though i didnt bail out of uni this year, what i have learned is that i now know how much i love what i want to do and know that it will be the job i will do for the rest of my life. So yes i made a bad choice and yes i was depressed about it, alone, heart broken and isolated. We will all feel like this at somepoint, you may even feel it now, but things can change, how we react to lifes challenges will shape us to be for better or worse. I intend to be the best i can be.

This may be only the view of an 18 year old student who has spent his whole life in education and yes has many life lessons to learn but i will face them head on on, learn from my choices and create myself into the man i want to be.

Optimism can go along way. you just have to grab it with both hands

One thought on “Thoughts from 18 year old

  1. KerriGale says:

    This is a very good way to look at life. But as hard as this seems now, there are a lot more battles you, and everyone, must face in this world that we live in. You never really know what is going to happen next. All you can really be certain of is who you want to be. Even if everything falls apart, and you can’t seem to remember what you wanted in the first place. Just remember what you have written here today. Keep being an optimist. No matter how hard things get. If you can do that, you will live a good life. 🙂 Just don’t forget to be an optimist. And even if you do forget it for a little while, don’t feel bad about it. As long as you remember at some point, you’ll be fine. Don’t beat yourself over making mistakes. It will make you who you are.
    a 19 year old in the US

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