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Seems like all I did since birth was get beat down by people and I been struggling to fight against this wave of hate and all these years i have indeed found the strength to pull through till now…this was my only chance and I somehow blew it.I was not what u call a cute lil baby when i was born i was so as i child i went through alot of emotional abuse bout my looks made me grow up with a very low self intelligence has been the only good thing on me as i passed all my exams…till now :'( i failed my uni exams and i tried so hard i really tried my best :'( and having my intelligence fail after allthese years has left me with no face of identity :'( idk what to live for…the haters couldnt touch me when it came to my intellectual ability and my failure has just broken down that wall i had against them :'( i cant bear to disappoint my mom…i lost my dad and all i ever wanted was to be successful enough to take care of the only person left living for in my life but i feel i have failed her now…i just wanna die….all i have grown believing in is now a cloud of doubt hovering around me…all i lived for – success – is far now ๐Ÿ™ shall i be just an orphan now … who once was but didnt go far???..I hate myself more than anyone else will ever do right now i jus wanna fall asleep in my pool of tears…drown in it and never wake up… ๐Ÿ™

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