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Why does my family hate me why people try to feel sorry for me wen I tell them but I don’t want there sympathy my mom doesn’t like me she doesn’t say but she jus shows and my brothers and sister hate me they pick on me and fight me even though I’m smaller than everyone except my baby sister who’s spoiled and yes I’m jelous of it and my older sister when we fight she the same size but older and stronger I want to live with my dad I can never speak up wen I’m being told wat I. Can’t go do and not good enough for or my mom says she doesn’t have money she proves herself wrong and buy my lil sister something new from a different state or country I’m sorry for not always being as pretty enough as most girls or smart evan though I am and I’m not as talented as my cousin I’m jelous of her my a lot of people put me down esspecially my familly I want to go to my dads house he my not have as much as my mom but he loves me and my brothers and sister and encorages me

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  1. Helper says:

    No one ever is perfect nor even me. Nor your mom or sister or brothers. Only if you believe in yourself you could make your mom and everyone proud.some day I knew you can be more talented than you cousins and prettier than your sisters. You maybe have more talent than anyone in your family only that you didn’t show it. I believe in you that someday your mom and everyone will be proud of you.
    And one more thing, non of the mom in the whole wide world won’t never loved their own children. Because if they don’t loved their children why still born a baby?!

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