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my day started off bad, i woke up tired as anything with a splitting headache. then on my way to school i spilt coffee down my cream fluffy scarf which is also my absolute favourite. it might now be ruined. then in english, i owned up and told the teacher i had left my notes for a presentation at home so she gave me a homework log. fair enough, but i know that other people hadnt done it and they got off. worse still, we didnt even do any presentations this lesson. and there was only a 2 in 9 chance that i wouldve done it anyway but i thought i should do the decent thing. later on, i checked my phone and i had an email from my sister telling me i had won itunes festival tickets to see muse – one of my absolute favourite bands! but im on a geography trip on the day of the gig. not only do i miss muse, i also miss my best friends birthday party for this trip. on my way home i saw one of my friends from a different school and instead of telling him id had a crap day, i told him i was fine. he then saw my angry and upset tweets and told me he wasnt going to talk to me because he was fed up with the lies. i just didnt want to offload onto him and he was one of the people id expected a bit of sympathy from but did i get it? no. instead im accused of being a liar.

One thought on “a hellish day

  1. Cheeryouup says:

    Hey, that’s a really bad day that you had there! I hope you will be able to see this comment, because I just wanna tell you that sometimes my day is packed with loads of troubles too. So many that I can’t believe how unfortunate my day was. But still, life goes on, and if these are trivial problems then don’t take them to heart. Try to sleep these troubles away, that’s what I always do, and I always wake up feeling more refreshed and cheerful (: good luck!

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