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Sorry i saw this website and just felt like writing at here to pour things out while listening to a song called :”carry on” by ali (korean singer) .

I have went through a year and a half that i did not expect to go through, how many times i feel like giving up but because i don’t want other people to think i am weak but in fact i am. I cried a lot of times, esp after my grandfather died last year, each time i remember i saw him lying in front of me on his bed, how i remember i wanna hold his hand so much but i did not. Because i was scared, stupid me. My regret for not visiting him two days before when i was suppose to. All my happiness just flew away because after that things just don’t stop happening, my classmates, my friend tat i tot who was my friend, i know everything happens for a reason, so when i start choosing sides, i start to lose then what i can have, then in the end the side tat i chose ditch me, or is trying hard to ditch me because it got tired of using me. How many times i have to tell myself to be strong, but i just keep letting myself fall down. I have always been true to my friends, is being honest a bad thing, when i cant feel the love from my family despite my dad…. is friends family? Or are we just there for other people to use in their life? I am naive, i am, but wad i want is just to have everyone to be happy in this family, in this class, why is there any wrong? If its wrong, please show me a way to correct it, god….

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  1. Anonymous says:

    It’s normal to feel the way you do. I lost my aunt a year ago… She was in the hospital for 1 month, and i didn’t even visit her once.. It was too hard.. It is painful to think about it now, but knowing that i care is all that matters, so you cared about your grandfather that’s the most important thing! And about friends, it’s had to find someone who will listen to everything you say, so it’s hard to know when honesty pays off. But you’re doing the right thing, stay strong, it’ll get better 🙂

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