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Posted by on 2012/09/19 under Uncategorized

I’ve made a lot of mistakes and when I think of them I get… I don’t know what I get but whenever I wanted to “come back” from my thoughts I’d say ice cream, I’m stupîd or if I were walking I would stop in the middle of the road. Doesn’t seem bad but sometimes it happens while I’m around others. But now it’s worse a few weeks ago to come back I banged my head against a wall. To say the least it hurt like hell. I think I need help. I think I might hurt myself but I don’t have that type of money for therapy, I hate talking about my past with people and I am pretty sure if I told people how I felt I’d either be druuged up or in a psych ward. I can’t tell my mom she’s depressed so telling her I’m sick won’t help anyone. Only thing I am sure of is I’m getting worse. I’m slipping and no one around seems willing to catch me.

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