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Posted by on 2012/09/19 under Uncategorized

No money is coming in, the friend I thought I had has become my frenemy, falling behind in school, moms depressed and is talking about leaving for nine months, dad has started writing me again but he could be trying to make records so he can bring it up in court, besides the frenemy no one in my class is really my “friend”, I feel alone, my homework is piling up, mom is mad at me, I stopped going to church, everyone takes no one gives back, not motivated, insults are weighing down on me, I am zoning out in class and I wish I would disappear, I can’t find myself anymore, there is no where to run or to escape, my mind is filled with unhappy thoughts, I feel forsaken, I’m reaching out but no one wants to help me, no one understands me, sometimes I wish i wouldn’t wake up, everyone is waiting for me to fail, I try to fight but I’m tired and I’m all alone, I have told many secrets to my frenemy when we were friends, so many mistakes and it feels like the Lord has turned his back on me too. So what now?

2 thoughts on “What now?

  1. Cheeryouup says:

    Hey, that really sucks. Believe it or not, my life is currently loaded with so many troubles and heartaches that I don’t even want to think anymore. Or rather, i CANT think anymore, because my brain is so freaking clouded. But I do hope that you felt better after typing all your troubles out – venting them out once in a while is a good thing! (: And I hope you can see this comment, because I want to let you know that YOU ARE NOT ALONE (: Even though I sound cheerful now, I’m actually feeling really worried and depressed, and in fact I just submitted a rant a few minutes ago (LOL). But I can identify with what you’re feeling so I just wanna bring a smile to your face if that’s possible. Good luck dear (:

  2. anonymous says:

    Thank you, your comment did help… I don’t feel so alone now.

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