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Feeling down and alone… Well maybe not alone. But what would you do if you were 16 and pregnat. And a girl out of the blue messages you and tells you she slept with your boyfriend… The dad of you child and says she didnt know he was dating anyone but it was all over facebook. But the thing that gets me is… she knew what his room looked like where he lived. i asked him about it and he said it wasnt true and i just dont know whatt to do… i should belive my Boyfriend over some random girl but how does she know so much and even his mom said she saw a girl at there house… he still said it wasnt true but i stupiedly fell for thaat bc.. I want the best for my baby i want Him to have a dad and a mom not going back and forth but is it the right thing to do?. or i am i just over looking everything i only wanted to write on a site cuz i dont want to talk to my friends about it cuz you know typing for me is easyier but in the long run if i pretend nothing of what this girl said even though is killing me inside. what should i do? the other thing is she is 13 and he is 16 shes in grade 8 hes in grade 11. i just need someone to talk too, Cuz when i am sad or mad or confusd i like to be alone but this time its just not working so well…

One thought on “Boyfriend trubles

  1. jackie says:

    personaly if you have all that proof then leave him. the baby will be better off with just a mommy that loves it then a mom and dad that fight because of problems. think baby before self.

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