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I am not sure when exactly I broke up with Caleb, but I guess it was somewhere in October 2011. It was horrible because I was sitting for my exams, after only days, Caleb found Miranda and they started going out and ended up being a couple. That made me feel so depressed, how easily he replaced me. He looked happy and all that, and I admit, I’ve tried countless times trying to get him back, and I failed. I started seeing Halvord then, after that. Halvord is that c***y guy but he was kind to me, treated me well and all. But that didn’t last long, it had to end anyway. After Halvord, there was this guy Nathan, we had the same taste in music, and we started off by sharing songs together, bands that are not mainstream, he shared a link where to download the albums from and stuffs. Basically, he tried his best to help me move on. But I couldn’t, he fell for me. And then, I was like freaking out because I see him as a friend, so I left him hanging. And then I decided to just run away from love, and I took a long vacation to Toronto for one month. Then there was this guy named Chris, he was a friend of mine, he texted me that everybody was looking for me, and I don’t know.. I just got excited everytime I got his texts. And we were flings since then and then his friend, Drake, told him that he also like me. When I got back to Melbourne, Chris didn’t really have time for us, he was always busy with football trainings and all that. And that was when I left him, without saying good bye. And then after weeks, got my O’level results and I only 3 O’s, it was horrible. But I wasn’t that sad because there was Stefan, he was all kind and stuffs, telling me there’s still hope and that I could resit for June or Nov, and so I fell for him, he fell for me too. And we started dating for like 5-6 months, and he called it off because he said he “loves” me, he has to let me go. Wtf. And that was when I was sitting for my June papers, and so another heartbreak and another bad results, I got 0 O’s, because of that. I hate Stefan so much, I unfollowed his Twitter and Instagram and everywhere else, for giving me false hope, after the break up, he was all lovey dovey, we flirted. And then one morning he just stopped. And I know right then, that I should just give up and I did. Little did I know, he’s like that to every girls he interact with, so stupid and cheap. F*** off, Stefan. Yes, go f***ing have fun with Brittany. Or what’s-her-name. I’m done with him. After Stefan, there was Cody, I opened up to him like I never did before, and he always always shower me with compliments every now and then. He made me happy, once upon a time but then he has got to get back to UK, because he’s from London City. I fell for his British accent. Everytime we were on the phone I always got speechless. And now we’ve lost contact and now I’m in contact with Nathan’s friend.. Christopher. He’s too perfect to even begin with, and it makes me feel so uncomfortable. I mean what ever good did I do to deserve a perfect guy like him? My bestfriend Steven and Alice said that he’s nice and all that and that I should be with him. And honestly I’m just confused. Give me one month to think it all through because I am going to sit for my Nov papers in about 28 days.

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