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Posted by on 2012/09/11 under Uncategorized

ok i was speaking to this girl for a while and then we stopped, and recently we spoke again and got on really well so i met her for the first time as she asked me to go to her house, i took one of my friends and she had one of hers, after a while we sat by eachother and cuddled etc and then we was practically kissing all night, smiling inbetween kisses etc etc. It all seemed so perfect and i loved every minute of it. I woke up the next morning as i slept round her house and we said goodbye. When i got home and spoke to her on my phone it didnt seem the same, i felt like a rebound. As she only split up with her boyfriend about 2 weeks before. All i could think about was her even though iv only met her once, i’ve told her if there is a chance that we could be together and she said that its too soon from her previous relationship and that she didnt want a relationship as she lost friends from her previous one, this crushed my heart, because she was kissing me the night before and it seemed like we should of been together its really hard, Ive spoke to her tonight as it makes me happy just speaking to her. Nothing ever goes right with me when I meet a girl, i try my best to make them happy and special, im not a prick like most boys are. I don’t know why I like her so much after meeting her once, shes just so special and I’d do anything to make her mine but i know its not going to happen. Its just getting me down and i know im just going to have to try and forget about her, why cant she just fall in love with me like i have with her. She is so perfect, i could smell her on my shirt the next day and slept with it just because i know thats the closest im going to get to her again 🙁 Ahhhh life sucks

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