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Posted by on 2012/09/08 under Uncategorized

If your looking for something interesting then you’ve come to the wrong place. I simply came here to express my feelings about my current troubles but feel free to read anyway. I’m 17 and about 7 months ago I broke up with my girlfriend of 1 and a half years. Yeah I know. To some this is long, to others short. To me it was long. Anyway so yeah we broke up. It seemed to be going downhill. Boring, dull, arguments, blah, blah, blah. About a month ago she was dying for me to go out with her again. I wanted to but the last 10,000 times that happened it went terrible so I said no every time she asked this time. Well now about 2 months later she’s dating this guy I really dislike. I’d say “hate him” but I shouldn’t say that. Anyway not many people like him. He’s got a bad rep, jerk, douche, etc. Kinda sounds like me I bet your saying in your head. Anyway the guy does drugs and I’m worried. As much as I say “I don’t care about her” its a lie. I do care. Quiet a bit to be exact. I know its my fault. I’m sorry. I have so many mixed feelings. I can’t stand this guy. I feel like she’s happy though. She’s a clean girl not like this guy. I just… its just difficult. I guess things happen for a reason is all I can think of. If I would’ve just given it a chance then maybe she wouldn’t be with him but then again who knows? Sigh. I just didn’t know what to do. On another last second note I was going out to the parking lot today to my friends truck and I look back and I seen her kiss him. It about killed me… If this keeps up school is going to be almost unbearable. Well anyway thanks for reading if you did. I know I jumped around a bit so sorry. Anyway I’m going to go. Have an awesome day/night. -Terry

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