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Posted by on 2012/09/08 under Uncategorized

I have had enough. I am out of Facebook, I have been there for 3 years, constantly updating my status, uploading new pictures every now and then and commenting on other friends pictures.

In the beginning it was all right, I enjoyed the network because I travel a lot and I have my family far away from where I am currently living. But now, I just found this social network to be a place where everyone show off. the perfect holidays, the perfect dinner, the perfect dress, the beautiful make up, the expensive trip, the new car, the awesome food I just ate, blah blah blah…

We all do new things every day, we all experience life in diferent ways but now a days we worry too much about what image we give to the world,”what will they think?” Moreover we are constantly posting pictures of what we do, instead of just simply living..

Why do we have to show off everytime we achieve a goal? CanĀ“t we just live naturally and spontaneously?

Facebook is aswell a source of debating topics that lead to disrespectful comments
for many people, F*** facebook ! f*** the social networks!

One thought on “freaking Facebook!

  1. silvermist says:

    thats so true everyone there wonders what will their friends on fb will think instead of just dressin and doin things thats alright wid them but no they have to do what others want people dont live there life how they want it or to the fullest they live it accordin to what others say n want or expect of them

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