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My boyfriend and I don’t seem very compatible, but whenever I say “I think we should break up.” He always says “No please I still love you.” But whenever he says that I remember that first of all, he has never introduced me to his parents, I don’t think they even know. When I say something he’ll reply “What a b****/whore.” And when I look at him he’ll say “Just kidding!” I’ve talked to him about this finally when I tried to break up with him, I never ended up actually doing it. I want to but I also don’t. I want to because, I feel like we aren’t meant for each other, and a cute guy that’s a good friend of mine likes me, and I like him back, but Sean (My boyfriend) is still here, but I don’t want to friendzone Brenek (Friend), I also want to because I want the feeling of being single again and to be able to comment on how cute a guy is without feeling guilty. I don’t want to because, homecoming is coming up next week and it would be a b**** move to break up with him right before that, if I saw him with his arms around another girl I wouldn’t be able to handle it, I would have to see him next summer at Teen Camp all the time since we both go all days. I don’t know what to think, I’ve tried asking my guy friends since they would give me a better answer since they’re guys, but they all tell me to do what I want and need. Please if any of you out there can help me with this situation please help. Thanks lots of love<3 Lauren

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