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Posted by on 2012/09/05 under Uncategorized

I made a promise last f***ing night not to cut and literally hours later I just want to f***ing kill myself. I AM WORTHLESS.

4 thoughts on “ifdfg

  1. A Friend says:

    PleasePleasePlease don’t. There’s so much more beautiful things to see in the world once you overcome your struggles now. & The world is so much better with you in it.

  2. sueanna says:

    Please dont believe me if you do itll be a mistake people will miss you and itll hurt the person that cares about you. you may not see it but someone cares i mean look i dont knoww you but i dont want you to kill your self i already knoww how it feels to have someone u care about kill there selfs. everything will get better i promise <3 a friend.

  3. Anonymous says:

    i dont know who you are but you are beautiful… okay? you are

  4. Annie says:

    Hey don’t you worth a lot don’t be stupid support yourself don’t listen to those losers who tell you you are worthless believe me you are very important

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