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Posted by on 2012/09/01 under Uncategorized

I am being bullied by kids in school. They say I talk gay. Everybody says ‘oh, secondary school is great, oh yeah, amazing!’ but I feel like killing myself. People say I have a writing talent but I don’t believe them. My sister is 19, pregnant and smokes and drinks alcohol every night. I feel empty…Hollow. I cry each day before school and dread the end of summer. I do not deserve to live. I’m ugly, crap, nothing. I hate life already and I’m only 12.

One thought on “I feel empty…

  1. silvermist says:

    omg i dont think you should be sayin all that about yourself maybe u do have a talent but u choose to ignore it and not cuz ur sister is like that means that its the end of ur life maybe u need to stop botherin about what people say about u and just live ur life the way you want u also need to build ur self esteem and alwayz tell urself that ure unique in ur own way no one can take that away frm u

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