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I try really hard at everything i do, and i am actually pretty talented. But no one seems to notice my hard work, thats alright though. i don’t need to be recognized by the masses. But a little reward for a lot of work would be ecouragment enough to push forward… I recently was let go from my place of employment because of economical problems. The messed up thing is if i would have started there just 2 weeks earlier i would of kept my job and they would have sent the lazy guy in the other department packing…. i chose not to go to college out of highschool which i now think was a mistake. it is hard to find a job that is going to cover he bills without a good education. so i think sometimes what difference would it make if i just gave up? settled fr a minimum wage job and lived in the projects for the rest of my life? plenty of people do it. well i can go on for hours but i think i’ll just end it here.

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