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I’m 13 years old, and soon schools starting back up, i’ll be turning 14. last year of middle school. Time, to change, and make a differance. My whole, middle school experience has been a living hell. I’ve been bullied, left and right, about anything and everything. Till this day, im getting made fun of, because im “differant” alright, if god wanted us to all be the same, why did he make us all so different? Because,were all unique in our own way, and we all diserve to make a GOOD difference in this world, to prove people wrong and be happy. I’ve cut, i’ve tried to commit suicide i got help? sure. Getting help doesnt change the way i look at life. the way i see it, is everyones different, you can’t trust ANYONE but yourself. It’s you and yourself, against the world. </3

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  1. Basma says:

    you somehow remind me of my way of thinking,which is so cool!! i felt insecure about myself for a long time, thank god no one bullied me, but i must say you are very brave.. and stronger than you think. take it as an experience for now,,but with the years you will get through this and you will be stronger and you will be special if you believe in yourself..i hope im telling you useful stuff…i wish you luck this year!

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