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Why I’m still not happy, i have a friend, i have someone to love me, but not sure if they love me back, but I don’t really care, because we already best friends, but why I’m still not happy.. there is something missing in my life I don’t know what it is.. i spend my time doing lots of things but that sudden moment that come to me that make me feel depressed that want me to suddenly just to explode crying, and in-front of everyone, but I save it, keep.. even though it hurt honestly so much.. but i save it till i go to sleep and cry and inside shout it all. Suddenly i just want to die.. i wanna laugh again till i can’t breath.

One thought on “Why still I’m not happy?

  1. Anonymous says:

    Its god. you have to believe in faith. I converted to islam, and my life? is amazing. When i pray i really feel when god hear me. And he can listin to my problems, its amazing. please read about islam and learn about the religion. its amazing how you can change. Be a better person, obey Allah (God) Its unbelieveble and tell god about your problems. God is always there for you to listin

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