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Posted by on 2012/08/26 under Uncategorized

Sometimes you just feel alone sad,depressed,angry as if nobody can help you or nobody cares. You just want to give up so much by either doing something stupid that you’ll later on regret or just taking your life away in a second. Let me tell you something. Life may seem to be going terrible for you but just think about everybody else in this world who’s maybe in the hospital and doesn’t know which day will be their last. Some have it really rough but they’re strong. You are as well! And you don’t have to take your life away, because you are here for a reason and even though you have a few speed bumps every once in a while that is just going to be the road of life. It will get better in life trust me. Think positive, have Faith, and keep your head held high! You are not alone, someone out there cares and so does the person that created you (even if you don’t believe in him he still cares). You can get through this just don’t doubt yourself and don’t do something you’ll later on regret. You don’t know me but just know that I love you!<3 Yes that will sound a little weird and crazy but at least you know somebody out there loves you even if its a complete stranger.

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