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Like, ok. I’m nineteen an this is me, i think we all need to come together an be one,, our life, an Earth would be a better place. We seek truth but won’t recieve until the time comes, we act rough, an wise, altho we are weak. Places an people seem outrages at times, we scream, but silence is all around us. Our country, an life style is Obnoxious, we try to be the best, altho we turn out to be the worst, an if you just took a minute to see what’s going on around you, maybe you’ll notice the world for it’s true beauty, not what “Man” mede it. Love is out there, but only if you seek wisly, it’s not a game choice. or even a lucky thing. Love is meant for two people, connection at first sight, two hearts beating make one, the soul combines. People abuse the word love. Politics are like flowers, there beautiful until the water dries up. The world, kids now’days need guidence, Not ipods, an cell phones. They need love, an disapline, tought to be peaceful loveing Human beings. And i need water. I think we all need to come together like one big family, one big comunity, one big heart beat. I would like to feed all the people with my fruits, an cattle, i’d share my love, an what money i’d have, clothes, an water. Love is so much better thatn hate, an anger, better than making a worse day badder. When the sunshines, smile, cause you are beautiful. We as people, as Humans, need to smile, need to shake a strangers hand, an tell them you love’em. Love is bliss, love is hope, love is Love.. 🙂 Welp, this has been my thoughts for today, Much love, god bless! ~Panda~

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