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So i’m 14 and it’s with great difficulty that i’m opening myself here! I just hate my life. i’m from a middle class family and my dad is struggling to bring food on the table everyday.I have to work every saturday’s with him just to help. I don’t have a social life and at school it’s like i’m invisible. I’m not a kind of girl that b**** about little problems or whatever but when i hear my supposed friends talk about their problems it’s just about their boyfriend and nothing more. Everything is just too fine in their lives and i think it’s just not fair to me. i’m fat and ugly and nobody even looks at me. My mom has depression and because of that she’s always sleeping and we don’t even have a good conversation anymore. i have a brother who is always arguing with everyone in the family.Everyone at school bullies me cause i don’t have expensive materials or new trendy things. i just hate school cause i can’t focus on my studies anymore, earlier i was able to but it’s just not getting into my head. i can say that i had a loving grandfather who understood my pain and always cheered me up in bad times but he died one month ago and i feel devastated now because there is nobody to support me anymore. My dad is just concerned in his work and i find always alone in my corner crying over my problems… I just hate my life and i needed to open up myself because i won’t be able to live on like this anymore. I don’t want to have a miserable life. i just want to be happy and start a new life all over again but it’s possible! and i just don’t know what to do…

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  1. Anonymous says:

    iknow how you feel….
    being invisible..
    but everyone has a big problem.
    some just hide it with a smile.

    your invisible because its your choice.
    if you really dont want to treated that way then find a way…

    i just want you to let know that you are not the only one who has a big problem.
    hope you understand that….

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