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Theres this guy in my class, both my best friend and I classified him as weird last year. But this year, she started liking him! She tried getting over him becuase she didn’t have that great experience with guys. A couple weeks ago, during one of my classes, I was scribling on a piece of paper, testing the ink. But then one of my other friends was like, “Is that his intials?!” She started teasing me about it (but I don’t mind, she does it to everyone) but then another classmate over heard and told that I liked him when I really didn’t. I thought they forgot the week after, but they started teasing him saying he liked me! I felt awful because I thought it was my fault, but was also really confused because he didn’t deny it. Today he tried asking me out to the school dance tomorrow, but I pretended like I didn’t hear. (it was after PE and I was just talking to a friend and waiting for the bell to ring, and then he yelled it from across the room)The classmate who told him that i supposedly liked him, told me to say yes when he asked me to the dance after school. I don’t know what I should do! Im curious because we’ve never really talked that much and I was wondering if he only liked me because he thought I liked him. My best friend told me that if it were her then she would say yes. But I don’t know what to do, I don’t know if I really like him or not. And even if I did, i wouldn’t know whether to say yes or not. I don’t want to hurt my best friend again. (all the guys she’s liked have liked her best friend) I’m just really confused right now…

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  1. Jacie says:

    I know telling people you like them is hard, especially if theyre friends. I dated one of my close friends but we broke up and even though both of us said that we still wanted to be friends…if didn’t turn out that way. We started ignoring each other and basically staying as far away from each other as possible. Being around each other is just really awkward not. It sucks because we were really close. I’d hate to have that happen to you. It’s really only up to you, you can take the risk and tell her how you feel, and maybe she likes you too, but if she doesn’t it may end up like mine. Or you can decide to not tell her. Despite, how your playing it safe with the second option, you may never get a chance again. Now is as good ever. You only live once, and you may end up regretting not telling her. Just follow your heart.

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