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Well , im 14 years old and my mother is always yelling at me . She yells about me not cleaning the floor moping the hallway and every other thing . She never really feeds me because she is always cooking for my Stepdad . My stepdad is cool he buys me stuff give me money when i need it and everything he is better than my real dad . Some days i might be sitting in the house i say ” mom i am hungry ” then she reply ” fix some cereal ” . Listen here if u think i am telling a story listen i eat f***ing cereal EVERYDAY!!! . Cereal for breakfast , Lunch and dinner like what the f*** . I came here so i can write this s*** down i want to f***ing kill my self . She yells everyday of my life about nothing at all . One day i was sitting in my room playing my xbox when suddenly she brakes out yelling ” who left empty box of cereal on the table ” . I said ” i did ” she replied why do you do this to me ” . I have some really bad anger problems so i reached for a glass and threw it on the f***ing floor . I admit i disrespected my mom and i apologized for my behavior . But that was not enough for her she reached for the phone and dialed 911 i was scared but then i thought ” yes i can finally get away from this house ” . The police arrived about 30 minutes later and asked whats the problem . My mom told a bunch of lies so i went to D.H . Im out of D.H and im living with my Uncle and i said ” F*** my mom ” . I hate that b**** and she can root in hell i have not seen her in 4 months and i am still on probation . This is Not a Thought this is a real life concern Please comment what you thing and by the way i am a African American and it might be some mistakes but dont worry that s*** just read it Please .

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