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I am writing this loooong letter just to tell you what i have felt during these six months.
So here it begins:
During these six months of not talking to you, not even making any eye-contacts just drives me crazy, really.
Remember when you said you liked this girl, she was cute, and she had a great personality, you may think i don’t know who she is but i actually do, though i don’t believe so. It all started when you told me someone actually likes me and i was asking who, but you never told. After, a friend of mine told me that YOU liked me. And of course, I never believed, even when you told me you liked me, i doubted you, because i cannot believe anyone, especially anyone like “you” would like me. You are that kind of guy that gets the best grades out of any class, like every girl would admire. You like to flirt with girls “a lot,” it sure bothers me, but i just like the way you are.
Writing this letter, I seriously realized how much iv’e missed. What would happen if i told you my feelings and stop treating you like a bro? Would everything be different? :)God knows.
During this summer, i feel like the other half of my heart is dying. The feeling of not talking or chatting with you just saddens me. I miss you. I really do. I just miss how we talk until almost midnight, talking about every single thing. 🙂
What AM i holding on to? Is it you? Perhaps its memories. How we used to chat until midnight, how we stare at each at school, the way you look at me, how we used to secretly chat without teacher knowing in class, how we chat for hours before exams,
and most importantly, “The way you trusted me.”
Every day after school, i go on gmail just because of you, waiting for you to come online. Iv’e been doing this for almost a year. And at the last six months, you ditched me. For no reason AT ALL.
Its sad how you can just walk past one person and walk past you like they are never a big part of your life. Its even more sad how a you used to talk to for hours and now you can’t even look at them in the eyes. You know what even worse? When a person you know become a person you used to know. And the feeling of being replaced.
I guess i will never be good enough for you. And i never will.
Thank you everything. For being there for me when i needed you.
Thank you.

With Love,
Vanessa Mota.

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