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Being 12 I feel like I’m not aloud to be sad because that’s just absurd right? A 12 year old can’t know what it feels like to lonely or feel like there being consumed by the world because they can’t speak. I told my parents about going to see a therapist and they laughed and my sister said that I just wanted problems in my life. It hurts I feel like crying all the time and its because I just don’t ever know what to do. I want it to stop touching me all of this anger and sadness. I can’t tell anyone because its just so absurd.
Everyone looks down on me because I won’t say anything and all these thought running through my head but how do I convert them into the words? I don’t want you to hate me I like all of you so much.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I find that writing helps. Keep a journal, or keep writing on here. A therapist is a good idea and it sucks that your parents won’t let you go. My parents ended up making me go when they found out I had cut. Don’t start self-harm, bad choice. Talk to someone at least, wether its an anonymous person via email or a piece of paper. It’ll help.

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